Matt Patterson

Award* winning Writer, Producer, Director, DP…  Mean nacho maker.

*Audience Award for Best Feature, Slamdance 2012 (Producer-BINDLESTIFFS)// Best Narrative Feature, New Orleans Film Festival (Writer/Producer-AN ORDINARY FAMILY)//Participant ribbon, 5th grade track meet


Narrative feature film
TV spots/Pilots
Corporate/Trade Vids
Rock Opera Musicals*

*seriously – rock opera musicals…


Undergrad degree from Pepperdine University in Theatre Directing and a Film Directing degree from the Los Angeles Film School.  Years of indie film in L.A. and then Austin, TX where I currently live with my wife and daughters. Written 6 feature screenplays (2 produced), produced 3 features, 1 TV pilot, 1 Full length stageplay, 100+ media projects for companies and organizations and was the Director of Photography for 1 feature. Also the co-founder of Matter Media Studios.


I’m driven by the idea that story both challenges and fulfill us… Writing is great, but in the end it’s nothing until it’s produced – so I also need other people. And I love working with people that become a dysfunctional family all driving towards some crazy end in a relentless medium that can’t be done alone and needs people from all walks of life to bring it to fruition.  I also like coloring on the floor with my daughter.


Wrote/directed award winning short film about a single mother in Estonia entitled ‘Jätku Leiba’. Another short I produced, POLLUTION, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival! BINDLESTIFFS, an hilarious feature film I helped produce, won the Audience Award for Best Feature at  Slamdance and was purchased by Kevin Smith! I directed a silly little web series called “Broken Bonds” that premiered at the LA Web Fest and FunnyOrDie.com. The award winning feature film I co-wrote/produced, AN ORDINARY FAMILY,  is available everywhere. DRAGON DAY, which I co-wrote, produced and was the director of photography for and is also available everywhere. I also won a Telly for some shorts I produced featuring the Barkles. And I’m working on some more cool stuff. Ya.

How to reach me:

Email: matt (and then add @ + this website name)
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Skype is something kids do: matterpro
Twitter handle good buddy: matterpro
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